Juniper MX Series第二版

This book was written for network engineers by network engineers. The ultimate goal of this book is to share with the reader the logical underpinnings of the Juniper MX. Each chapter represents a specific vertical within the Juniper MX and will offer enough depth and knowledge to provide the reader with the confidence necessary to implement and design new architectures for their network using the Juniper MX.

本书是由网络工程师为网络工程师编写的。 本书的最终目标是与读者分享Juniper MX的逻辑基础。 每章均代表瞻博网络MX中的特定领域,将提供足够的深度和知识,以使读者有信心使用瞻博网络MX为其网络实现和设计新架构。

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Juniper MX Series第二版